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06.01.2013- Feeling Futuristic

When it comes to technology, I have to confess that I'm a little bit of a novice. Fair enough, I can whip you up an Excel spreadsheet in an instant, and I'm just about getting to grips with HTML, but I'm by no means an expert when it comes to all things computer based- in fact I'm still hanging on to my old desktop computer (which I'm sitting at as I type!), having not yet been brave enough to take the plunge and invest in a laptop. You may have also noticed that blogging around these parts has been more than a little sporadic of late, for which I can only apologise- alas a busy few months at work combined with the shorter winter days have made me more sloth-like than ever and reluctant to spend any more time in front of a computer screen than I really need to. However, with a little bit of time on my hands now we're into a new year, I've got a fair few posts in mind- and I'm now lucky enough to have the perfect new technology tool at my disposal: 

Ever since I received my iPhone as a birthday present a few years ago, I've been an Apple convert. Before I discovered the wonders of touch screen technology, I was one of those deeply skeptical people who didn't believe that having a smartphone was necessary at all (in fact I'd only just stopped using a Nokia 3310!)- but fast forward to now and I wouldn't be without it. Not only does it help me to keep things organised, but it's also great for keeping in touch with people- and also keeping on top of the countless train cancellations when I find myself resembling a snowman at the station! For me, the Apple iPad is a natural progression from my phone, and is perfect for bridging the gap between my computer and the technology which I can access on the move.

As well as being beautifully designed, the tablet has a lot more memory than my phone, which means it's perfect for downloading and watching some of my favourite films and television programmes from iTunes (so far my library features Midnight in Paris, Into The Wild and The Hollow Crown.) I've also been busy perusing the App Store for lots of lovely tools to help with blogging, such as Blogsy, Twitter and Facebook, and have also treated myself to some apps from my favourite brands- namely Mulberry and ASOS. The Newsstand feature is also proving a firm favourite, particularly as it allows me to access a lot of my favourite publications without having to worry about finding space to stash them around the house- at the moment, I'm really enjoying reading Harper's Bazaar on the go and can't wait for the tablet edition of Stylist to launch soon. On a more leisurely note, I'm also loving the many Game of Thrones goodies available, and have been indulging in more than a few virtual games of Trivial Pursuit over the festive break. Finally, perhaps my most used app so far is Duolingo- an amazing language resource which is currently helping me to brush up on some basic French ahead of a trip to Morocco in February!

Are you a fan of the iPad?

This post has been put together in collaboration with Argos.

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love the look of iPads, I have my iPhone and then bought the samsung tablet because I wanted something a little different.. but to be honest, the iPads look the bee knees I think!!
    Charli... Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Hamsters

  2. I'm a little similar with technology, I love what it can do to help us but sometimes it can be overwhelming. The iPad and tablets in general are just not something I've ever wanted or felt like I needed, I have my iPhone, iPod and laptop, for me that is enough but maybe one day I'll give in.
    The Night is Wild

  3. My mother's iPad is glued to my hands whenever I am home! I love the Duolingo app - hoping it will help me remember my long forgotten French! x

  4. I could sure use one of those, especially for uni, but blogging too! I think it would be a brilliant tool!

    I am deeply in love with my iPhone and the iPad is just a giant iPhone right?

    - Elodie x

  5. i love the ipad, i've got the mini. I just wish that it was easier to write blogs or comment on blogs, but other than that, i can't be without it, i take it everywhere i go! x


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