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14.01.2013- Chanel Illusion D'Ombre: Fatal and Initiation

If you're a regular reader, then you'll know that as far as beauty products go, I'm quite unadventurous- preferring to stick with brands and products which are tried and tested favourites rather than branching out and trying something different. At the moment, my cosmetics collection is bursting at the seams with all manner of products from Nars and Laura Mercier (if it ain't broke and all that, eh?) I'm also a massive fan of Chanel's beauty offerings, and more specifically their Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows. You might remember that I posted about a favourite from their summer collection back in July, and since then my stash has had a few additions made to it (we're now verging on double figures!) Let me introduce you to Fatal and Initiation:

The more I sing the praises of these proverbial make up bag treasures, the more I feel like I sound like a broken record. These new shades were released just before Christmas, and as soon as I spied them in my local House of Fraser, I snapped them up straightaway- I know from bitter experience that a lot of Chanel's holiday cosmetics don't tend to hang around for long! Not only do they work really well together but they also fit in seamlessly with lots of my existing beauty favourites. Initiation is a warm bronze tone which looks great washed over the lid or as an accent colour for lighter browns and champagne tones- I've been teaming it with colours from the Nars 'And God Created The Woman' palette for natural daytime eyes. Fatal is a slightly more dramatic shade, perfect for creating a variation on the classic smoky eye- I tend to use this more in the socket line as my skin is so pale at the moment (curse you , winter!), but it's really easy to wear in a more subtle way too, with just a light brushstroke or two over the eye. Like all of Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre shades, the beautiful thing about these is that they have serious staying power, and are beautifully buildable too- making them the perfect, versatile addition to any beauty collection. 

Are you a fan of the Illusion D'Ombre shadows?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. So so pretty Sarah, I really do need to add to my collection of only one. It's looking lonely on it's own!

  2. Dying to try these, its my birthday soon think one of these may be a to me from me pressie :o)


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