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02.02.2014- What I Wore Today #171

Anyone who knows me well (and any regular readers) will happily tell you that as far as footwear is concerned, I definitely fall into the 'flats forever' school of thought. Having tried (and failed) to embrace high heels on a number of occasions, I've developed quite a collection of flat shoes, from loafers to trainers, with plenty of ballet pumps thrown in for good measure. Recently, however, I've discovered a new favourite style- step forward, the skate shoe: 

Jumper- Zara
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- c/o Surfdome
Coat- Ganni
Bag- Zara

The majority of my recent outfit posts have almost exclusively featured my slip on skate shoes from Gap on the footwear front, so when Surfdome got in touch to introduce their collection, I was really excited to put some original Vans (perhaps the Godfather of all skate shoes!) to the test. Opting for the classic checkerboard print- perfect for injecting my wardrobe with a  touch of casual monochrome chic- I was really surprised at just how comfortable and easy to wear they are, whether I'm slipping them on rushing for my train in the morning (5:30am wake up calls are not my friend!), or reaching for them at the weekend. Here I paired them with jeans and a knit from Zara- a steal at under £20 in their sale- and my coat from Ganni to complete the check theme!

Are you a fan of skate shoes? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love these - they look so comfortable! x

  2. love the monochrome Vans, looks great with the Zara knit x

  3. Love this look on you, the monochrome goes so well with that gorgeous red jumper!

    Maria xxx


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