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12.03.2014- What I Wore Today #175

Exploring somewhere completely new was one of the most enjoyable parts of our trip to Essaouira, and taking the opportunity to get to know the Souri people and their culture was something which we all found really rewarding. Looking around the Medina across our long weekend not only gave us a wonderful insight into the artisan trades which Essaouira is so renowned for, but also allowed us the chance to discover more about Moroccan cuisine, culture and day to day life, as well as the history of the amazing area which we stayed in. The Essaouira Medina was one of the most inspiring places to visit, and provided a beautiful backdrop for some stunning impromptu outfit snaps: 

Jacket- Monsoon Fusion 
Tee- & Other Stories 
Trousers- F&F
Shoes- Converse 
Bag- Vintage (via Rokit) 
Sunglasses- Vintage 

You might remember this embroidered jacket from my sales round up at the start of the year, and needless to say I snapped it up more or less as soon as I booked my flight to Marrakech! Not only was it perfect for keeping my shoulders covered whilst out and about, but it also added a much needed splash of colour to this all black ensemble. It's piece which I'm really glad I managed to pick up, and is something which I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of, both during summer at home (fingers crossed we'll get one!) and for future getaways too. My & Other Stories tee made another appearance here, and I'm so glad I made space in my suitcase for my failsafe F&F trousers as they proved a lovely, ultra wearable alternative to jeans.

Do you like picking up special pieces to take on holiday?

(Image credit: Sarah Sandiford, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Lovely jacket and a gorgeous background!!

  2. Beautiful photo and jacket! I've always wanted to go to Morocco and never had the chance, love the food and would go mad shopping - lots of friends who have brought amazing slippers and handbags back home, as well as the beautiful Moroccan lanterns x


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