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02.05.2014- What I Wore Today #184

As I've mentioned a few times in the past, I'm not really one for 'going out dressing', particularly if it means, erm, forgoing an evening on the sofa surrounded by a Game of Thrones box-set and a barrel full of biscuits. Having said that, I'm all for injecting a splash of evening inspired elegance into my daytime wardrobe, and as my work dress code is quite casual you'll usually find me saving some of my smarter staples for the weekend. Last Saturday, accompanied by some of my Dream Team pals, I popped along to The Big Easy in Covent Garden to try lobster for the first time (delicious but oh so pricey!) Completely disregarding the fact that this was going to be one seriously messy eating experience (bibs are provided don't you know?!), I reached for some new wardrobe favourites: 

Coat- COS 
Dress- Mango 
Necklace- Mango 
Sunglasses- ASOS 
Bag- Boden
Shoes- Gap 

The black dress for daytime has got to be one of the best wardrobe fail-safes ever. This design from Mango caught my eye when I was shopping a few weeks ago as it's so simple, and ideal as a smart summer investment. The layered design gives it a really effortless feel, as well as coming in really handy when trying to disguise lobster tummy(!) All jokes aside, this is a real investment piece which I know I'll be returning to a lot in the future. Here I accessorised it with another find from Mango in the shape of this collar necklace- again, another super simple piece. Adding a few pops of pink in the shape of my COS coat and ASOS sunglasses kept things daytime ready, and my staple Gap skate shoes prove, once again that comfort is always a winner! 

How do you style your evening pieces for daytime?

(Image credit: Sophie Warner, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Ah I loved this outfit on your Sarah. So effortlessly stylish. I can raid your wardrobe yeah?

  2. LOVE the colour of your coat <3 xx

  3. the dress is really unusual - lovely xx

  4. I love this dress and your GoT-esque necklace! x

  5. Love this outfit, the coat is stunning!! X

  6. This is such a gorgeous dress and that coat is LOVELY!

    Maria xxx


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