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07.05.2014- What I Wore Today #185

With a nip still in the air and the Great British downpour an ever present threat at this time of the year, knowing what to wear to leave the house can often prove something of a dilemma. Whether you're contemplating chancing it and leaving your coat at home or make the mistake of wearing open shoes only to find it tipping down with rain five minutes later, mastering practical transitional dressing has got to be one of the trickiest wardrobe challenges of them all. This week alone I've been caught out on a few occasions, making the fatal error of wearing a leather jacket on one of the hottest days of the year so far (believe me after walking 3.5 miles to/from work that day, and being thoroughly crushed on the Tube, things were not pretty!) and on Friday I found myself freezing after seriously underestimating how cold and windy it was. Anyway, in an attempt to try and second guess what the next move of this wonderfully variable climate of ours will be, I've been rummaging through my wardrobe and pairing up some old treasures with lots of new discoveries:

 Coat- Cos 
Blouse- ASOS 
Trousers- c/o Warehouse 
Shoes- Topshop 
Sunglasses- Vintage 
Bag- Zara 

This Cos coat has proved to be a serious investment since I snapped it up last month, and it's a piece which I've more or less been living in since it arrived on my doorstep. It's one of those pieces which seems to work perfectly regardless of what the weather is up to, and even if it's a little bit chilly the pastel hue makes it a real spring essential. Although it was a touch more expensive than the majority of coats which make up my collection, it was a purchase well made- particularly as the quality really shines through. This blouse from ASOS was a payday purchase, made rather stealthily after I spied it last month's issue of their fantastic magazine. It's an ultra easy to wear staple, with the high neck adding the perfect pinch of 'trendiness'. If I'm ever in doubt about what to wear, I tend to instinctively reach for these trousers from Warehouse- they've been in my wardrobe for just under a year now and are a real fail safe, particularly on grey days. 

Have you picked up any transitional staples recently? 

(Image credit: Elodie Russo, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love love your blouse and coat colours together! I can never get the weather sussed - I'm wearing a cardigan today and it is pretty much pouring down at present!

  2. I love your coat! Really pretty trousers too x

  3. Those glasses are totally perfect on you. I love those trousers too :)

  4. Love this outfit - this time of year is such a hard one to dress for! x

  5. You look amazing! LOVE love love this outfit!! X

  6. This is a perfect outfit for this weird weather, you look ace!

    Maria xxx

  7. oh I love this outfit! xx


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