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11.05.2014- Easy Eats: Poached Egg on Toast

As much as I adore baking, I've discovered that, alas, one can't live on cake alone. Having been feeling a little bit run down of late, recently I've been having an overhaul of my eating habits and after realising how much of my monthly income I waste on sandwiches at lunchtime, I'm determined to save myself a few pennies in the process. I always used to be a packed lunch fanatic so am determined to get back into my old habit of taking food to work with me, as well as filling up on nutritious goodies when I'm at home. I'm really no Masterchef in the kitchen, so have been trying some ultra quick and easy experimentation- and at the top of my list for a go-to healthy food fix is the humble poached egg on toast:

I was always under the illusion that poached eggs were notoriously tricky after watching an episode of Masterchef (can you tell I'm obsessed?!) where everyone tried and failed (rather spectacularly) to make Eggs Benedict. Call me a cheat if you like, but I'm all for the microwave method- so much quicker than standing in front of the stove and keeping one eye on your watch. Simply pop the kettle on and take it off the heat before it comes to the boil, and fill a microwave proof bowl about 2/3 full with simmering water. Add a few splashes of malt vinegar, and give it a little swirl just to make sure it's incorporated. Crack your eggs (I usually treat myself to two, free range if possible) into the water and pop a microwave proof lid onto the bowl- I usually find that a small plate works perfectly. Once in the microwave, cook on the 'slow cook/defrost' setting for two minutes, and pop some toast on too. After the two minutes, remove the eggs from the microwave, checking to see how they are cooking. The next step is purely a matter of personal taste- if you like a runny yolk, cook for another minute and a half or so, but if you'd like them a bit firmer another two minutes should do the job perfectly. Once cooked, remove from the water using a slotted spoon (the dish will be very hot- definitely make sure you use a tea towel!) and serve on the toast. Season with salt and cracked black pepper, as well as a cheeky dollop of tomato sauce if you fancy too. 

This is honestly one of my lunch/brunch staples, and literally takes minutes to prepare. It's hugely filling, and gives you the perfect injection of energy for the afternoon- in fact, when I cooked this last Monday it was all the fuel I needed to run nearly 8km that evening!

What are your simple kitchen favourites?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love poached eggs! I do mine on the hob though. I have this really great app where you can choose what type of egg you're cooking, and then how you like it, and it gives you the exact time to cook the egg for. Haha it sounds barmy but it's so useful!

  2. ooooh, i do love a Poached Egg! I used to make a version in a cup in the Microwave, which always over cooked the Egg- totally going to give your way a go! :) xx


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