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27.06.2014- Skincare Spotlight: The Classics

After my last skincare centered post, which saw me profess my adoration for L'Oréal's Skin Perfection Moisturiser, it seemed like high time to focus on some other day to day favourites- products which are true beauty heroes in my book. As I've mentioned before, my skin can be quite problematic and breakout prone, and suffered throughout the tricky teenage phase of me buying anything and everything under the sun (well, from Boots!), which promised to eliminate blackheads, cure zits and give me an ultra radiant glow. Fast forward five years or so, and I've rapidly come to realise that less really is more when it comes to looking after your skin, and that sometimes it really does pay dividends to invest in some higher end products:

I've posted about my Clarisonic previously, and it's something which really is the Holy Grail of skincare as far as I'm concerned. Although it's a pricey purchase to start with, once you start using it you won't look back, and although it won't miraculously cure those pesky wrong-time-of-the-month breakouts, it really does give your skin a good old fashioned scrub, deep cleansing to get rid of all the nasties which day to day life can throw at you. I use mine about three times a week, and having had the Mia for over two years I really can't recommend it enough. 

A product which I've only discovered comparatively recently but which is already a real favourite is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. It's something which I've been using rather religiously since discovering it in the last Selfridges Beauty Box, and as an introduction to Kiehl's, it's something which has really impressed me. Light and gentle, this lathers fantastically so you only need a pea sized amount to give your face the perfect cleanse, and I've been using with my Clarisonic too. Definitely one which I'll be repurchasing when it runs out!

Finally, onto a product which is the undisputed champion of face masks in my book- the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Visible pores tend to be one of my biggest skincare grips, but this product works wonders in helping to reduce their appearance, as well as eliminating lots of the impurities which can cause blackheads to erupt.  I was introduced to this the Christmas before last, and since then have only had to repurchase once- so it's definitely something which stretches really far. I'll usually treat myself to a ten minute mask once a week, and if your skin is exposed to lots of environmental stress, such a pollution, then this is a real worthwhile investment. 

What are your skincare essentials?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I need to revamp my skin care regime. Lovely post!

    Emma x

  2. I want to buy a Clarisonic so badly...Maybe with my next paycheck ;)


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