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27.07.2014- Casual Cool

Although styling outfits and getting dressed up is without a doubt one of my favourite pastimes, sometimes it's true that all you want to do is cosy up in some casual basics. With the weather still on the rather warm side, recently I've found myself wearing a fairly steady rotation of old favourites (there's even a little part of me which has secretly loved not having to wear jeans for the last three weeks!), which has made me- a) realise how few summer appropriate, non beach clothes I own and b) come to the conclusion that my wardrobe is seriously tacking in casual clobber which is actually still smart enough to leave the house in. To try and rectify this rather shocking (not to mention highly impractical!) state of affairs, over the last few weeks I've had my eye on a handful of day to day basics which are real staples in the making:
 photo casualcool_zps0f645a20.jpg
French Navy Dress, £29.95/Blush Crew Neck Cable Knit Jumper, £59.95/Creme Striped Jersey Top, £24.95/Tan Leather Bag, £99.95/Ditsy iPad Mini Cover, £34.95/Navy Hare Jumper, £39.95/Tortoiseshell Brighton Sunglasses, £59.95/Tan Brogues, £99, all Joules.

It's still pretty humid out and about, but the with the Great British weather being truly unpredictable, I've no doubt that there are downpours aplenty just around the corner, which is why I'm kicking myself that I've only just come across this floral tunic dress now. It's a really effortless piece, and a dream to style, as well as being perfect for summers at home or away. Definitely one which I'm thinking about picking up for next year! Speaking of unpredictable weather, I've already noticed some autumn essentials popping up in the shops, and although I hate to wish time away, I'm sure that the remainder of the year will fly past just as speedily as the first half- so it's sensible to invest in your winter woollies early. This blush pink knit is exactly the sort of piece which I've had my eye on over the last few weeks, and the vibrant pop of colour makes it an ideal transitional piece too. 

There are few wardrobe basics which are more classic than the humble Breton top, and I've been meaning to stock up on some new ones for a little while now. With practicality in mind, this long sleeved style is something which would prove ideal for the chiller weather, and is perfect for layering too. Another style staple is undoubtedly the satchel, and this tan cross-body design is a real investment piece- and a lovely, more relaxed alternatives to some of the more structured pieces which make up my handbag collection. 

I'm still on the lookout for a jazzy cover for my iPad, and this floral design has shot to the top of my wishlist- particularly as the vibrant pattern means I'd never have to worry about losing it in the depths of my bag! With new season knitwear on the brain, I'm already on the lookout for pieces which are a little bit different and break up a lot of the block colours which are already in my wardrobe. This hare motif design is full of character and a piece which I think would prove to be a really versatile, well worn purchase- particularly if you, like me, tend to live in the same woollies during the chillier months.

In terms of essential accessories, we're all well aware by now that I'm something of a sunglasses obsessive, and this tortoiseshell pair are ideal for styling with lots of different favourites. And, although we're all living in sandals at the moment, getting caught in a downpour in some my summer shoes at the end of last week made me think about stocking up on some seriously practical footwear before the arrival of autumn. These gorgeous tan brogues are real essentials in waiting, particularly if you can't quite bring yourself to entertain the idea of digging out your winter boots just yet.

What are your casual essentials?

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(Image credit: Joules.)


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