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12.09.2014- Talking Technology: London Fashion Week Essentials

Up until I was introduced to the iPad, I'd never really considered myself to be particularly tech savvy. However, with an endless array of apps at my disposal, I've become well and truly clued up, and now find myself veering into nerd (or should that be nerdier..!) territory, particularly when it comes to looking at innovative, time and labour saving gadgets which fit into my lifestyle. With London Fashion Week kicking off imminently, I've been focusing on getting a little bit more technically minded, and am lucky enough to have been introduced to some amazing, ultra-innovative products, all designed to make life just that little bit easier:

Clockwise, from left: MisFit Shine (available from Argos), £79.99, Eye Fi memory card (available from Amazon and £33.99, QDOS QPic,Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo (available from, £29.00, Misfit Bloom (available from Amazon), £68.99, Oyama Portable Charger (available from Amazon), £24.95.
Misfit Shine- The Misfit Shine is an activity tracker which can be used to monitor exercise, walking or even the quality of your sleep cycle. It's waterproof too, which also makes or ideal for swimming. Ultra durable and with a battery life of four months, it's perfect for keeping track of how physically active you are on a day to day basis- and it syncs perfectly with the Misfit app via Bluetooth so you can measure your progress. Regular readers will know that I've been looking in to picking up something similar to monitor my running, and the Misfit Shine has already made a real difference to my routine, allowing me to set myself achievable goals and keep track of how much activity I've been doing. With lots of walking on the cards during London Fashion Week, this is going to prove an absolute essential- and is the dream gadget for justifying those oh-so essential snack stops. 

Misfit Bloom-Although the Misfit Shine comes with a bracelet and magnetic clasp, the designers behind the technology have recently launched a more fashion savvy alternative- the Misfit Bloom necklace. Featuring a flower design, it's a piece which is super stylish and which still allows the Misfit Shine to get to work and monitor what you've been up to. Definitely a multi-purpose accessory worth checking out. 

Bamboo Stylus Duo- I don't know about you, but the notes section of my phone is completely full- whether it's with shopping lists, drafts of blog posts or easily accessible addresses. However, tapping away on your phone all the time can result in some serious finger fatigue, and it's nowhere near as instinctive as putting pen to paper. Thankfully, that's where the Bamboo Stylus Duo is the perfect middle ground. With a carbon fibre tip, it's ideal for pairing with apps such as Penultimate and Notability, as well as making navigating your smartphone and tablet a whole lot easier. 

Oyama Power Bank- One of the most frustrating things about long days at Fashion Week (or anywhere really!) is running out of charge on your phone- particularly when capturing something in the moment is crucial. The Oyama Power Bank portable charger is a real lifesaver, and ultra easy to use. Simply plug into a computer using the attached USB cable, wait for it to fully charge and pop into your handbag for those 3% battery life emergencies!

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card- Speaking of capturing the moment, one of the most enjoyable things about London Fashion Week is the fact that so much of it is accessible online. Whether it's live streaming of shows, or Instagram snaps from the front row, today it's easier than ever to feel like you're a part of the fashion week party, and I've been lucky enough to snap some amazing shots from catwalk presentations in the past. Although capturing snaps on your phone is great, there's nothing which can compare with the crystal clear picture quality of images taken on a DSLR. Now, thanks to the Eye-Fi wireless memory card, you can seamlessly share high quality images from your camera- no need to wait to upload them to a computer. Not only does this make it easier than ever to instantly capture and share shots across social media, but it's also a fantastic idea to make sure you've got plenty of storage space on your camera as events unfold. 

QDOS Q-Pic- For me, one of the best things about fashion week is taking the time to catch up with some friends. Last year, one of my favourite fashion week memories was queuing up with Michelle and Elodie for the Kilian Kerner presentation- taking some much needed shelter from the rain and enjoying a good old fashioned catch up. For moments like this, the QDOS Q-Pic is a definite handbag essential- a remote control device which allows you to take hands free selfies with bluetooth- perfect for a group shots and capturing those amazing LFW memories! 

Keep your eyes peeled on these pages next week for details of a very special LFW gadget giveaway! 

Have you tried any of these products? 

*Disclaimer: The products pictured above were all provided c/o for me to review. As always, my opinions and impressions are 100% honest.* 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Wowsers I had never heard of any of these awesome gadgets. Now I feel super tech savvy haha. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. In a time over tech overuse it's hard to find things that are different from the usual/ over promoted ones :o) x


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