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14.09.2013- What I Wore Today #201

As I mentioned in my post from Monday, sometimes you can't beat going back to basics and investing in some classic black pieces. It's a shade which is an undoubted wardrobe staple, and a truly timeless hue which is ultra versatile in terms of how it can be styled. A few weekends ago, I caught up with Lily for a good old fashioned natter over a Byron burger and some courgette fries before heading back to The Old Vic to see The Crucible for a second time- and it will probably come as no great surprise that my choice of outfit was suitably monochrome:

Top- ASOS 
Jeans- Noisy May (via ASOS) 
Sandals- Birkenstock (via ASOS) 
Sunglasses- Vintage 
Bag- Vintage 

This type of outfit has become something of a uniform for me over recent weeks, as simple styles are proving to be a real fuss free, easy to wear option at the moment- as well as being ideal for attempting to navigate this changeable climate of ours. I'd had this top in my saved items on ASOS for a little while, so when payday came around (and in the midst of a wardrobe sort out), I took the plunge and treated myself. It's a piece which has already proved to be a sound spend as I've worn it quite constantly since it arrived. You might also remember these jeans from my transitional round up- and again I've been getting plenty of wear out of them too. The relaxed, boyfriend inspired fit is ideal for lazy days, and they win serious comfort points too. Accessory wise, I topped things off with some vintage favourites, as well as my trusty Birkenstocks- which are rapidly becoming surgically attached to my feet! 

What are your favourite basic pieces?

(Image credit: Lily Safavi, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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