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22.11.14- On the Menu: Polpo, Soho

Now that I'm on the cusp of being a 25 year old 'grown up', it's fair to say that my tastes have changed a lot. Much in the same way as my shopping habits have evolved, I've also found myself becoming far more of a foodie too. Whether it's exploring Borough Market (one of my absolute favourite places), or ticking restaurants off of my dining out bucket list, getting gastronomical is well and truly one of my favourites pastimes. Last Saturday, in celebration of Hannah's birthday, myself and some blogging buddies headed along to Polpo in Soho- and their menu was well and truly the stuff which (foodie) dreams are made on...

Nestled a five minute walk away from the chaos of Oxford Steet, the Soho Polpo (the original branch!) is small but perfectly formed. We managed to nab a table downstairs, which was a lot quieter and far more relaxed than the frenzy of the first floor, particularly at lunchtime on a busy Saturday. The menu is simple, consisting of small sharing plates, with favourites such as pizzette sitting alongside dishes like braised octopus, cured meats and Italian breads. Relaxed, informal and flavoursome, this is a selection which really lets the food do the talking. I chose a cured pork shoulder and pickled pepper pizzette, with the paper thin base really allowing the toppings to come into their own- definitely recommended if you're a fan of food which packs a punch! My next choice was chilli and garlic prawns- a staple favourite from when I'm enjoying tapas, but not something which I'd tried served in Polpo's signature style. The rocket and chilli salad provided the perfect contrast to the sweet, delicately cooked prawns, which were served very generously- definitely a dish which I'd recommend. Finally, no eating out experience is complete without dessert- and Lily's recommendation of chocolate salami was inspired; perhaps the most incredible pudding I've ever had, and the kind of food which you could enjoy from here until the end of the world without any qualms at all!

Overall, Polpo gets a huge thumbs up from me, and I'm already planning a return visit...but until then I'm investing in the cookbook!

Have you eaten out anywhere special recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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