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25.11.2014- Christmas Wishes: Winter Warmers

So, here we are again at the zenith of another year, getting ready to celebrate the festive season and indulge in lots of special treats. After falling head over heels in love with John Lewis' Monty (I know, I know, I'm definitely not the only one..!), and getting ahead of the game with some pressie purchases, I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my pick of some of the best bits and pieces which the shops have to offer this Christmas- and I'm kicking things off with some suitably cosy creature comforts:

Hooded Luxury Dressing Gown, £39.50, Marks and Spencer/Malin Roll Neck Jumper, £125, Reiss/Finest Flavoured Black Tea Selection, £10, Whittard/Zenobia Cup & Saucer, £42, Whittard/Kingswood Rose Pyjama Set, £50, Cath Kidston/Heattech Polo Neck Shirt, £12.90, Uniqlo/Rosebud Hot Water Bottle, £18, John Lewis/Lumie Bodyclock Starter, £59.99, Boots/Women's Cosy Slippers, £30, The White Company

One of the few redeeming qualities which winter has to offer is the fact that the chilly turn in temperatures definitely justifies plenty of duvet days. I've mentioned more than a few times in the past that I tend to go into hibernation mode as soon as the clocks go back, so for me the winter months are prime pyjama time. This gorgeous dressing gown from the Rosie for Autograph range at Marks and Spencer is an essential winter warmer if ever I saw one- and I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing it was socially acceptable to wear something like this to I?

With winter warmers on the brain, this knit from Reiss is another seasonal essential which is firmly at the top of my Christmas list. The winter white offers such a lovely, refreshing alternative to so many of the darker hues which are in the shops at the moment, and the roll neck makes it the perfect, timeless basic for layering up too. As well as spending as much time as possible in my pyjamas during the winter months, the dip in temperature also offers the perfect excuse to indulge in plenty of luxurious, warming drinks. Whilst a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows will always be a winter favourite, over recent years I've become a real fan of tea- and these little caddies from Whittard are the perfect present, don't you think? For a touch of sophisticated sipping, look no further than this cup and saucer set- a truly elegant way to indulge! 

Speaking of pyjamas, it's something of a festive tradition in my house to treat yourself to a new set for the Christmas season. These ones from Cath Kidston caught my eye as I adore the print and the fabric is super warm too, making them both pretty and practical- double whammy, eh Santa?!!! I mentioned in my last outfit post that I've recently invested in my first set of thermals- and they are proving to be real essentials, particularly for those all too regular occasions when I find myself standing out in the cold waiting for trains. In the spirit of protecting myself from the chill as much as possible, I've popped some of Uniqlo's amazing Heattech pieces onto my Christmas list- and this Breton style top is a real fashion friendly, practical purchase for this time of the year, don't you think?

A hot water bottle is another real winter essential, and I love the whimsical floral print on this one from John Lewis. Hand in hand with wanting to hibernate during the winter comes the serious problem of getting up when it's still pitch black outside. It's funny- as I've gotten older I seem to be finding it increasingly tricky to prize myself out of bed in the mornings, so much so that I'm seriously considering investing in one of these amazing sunlight alarm clocks, designed to wake you up in a more gentle, natural way than being blasted out of bed by the radio. It's got to be worth a try! Finally, for me winter is synonymous with cold hands and freezing feet (#lowbloodpressureproblems), so I'm always on the lookout for purchases which promise to keep me warm- and these gorgeous slippers from The White Company fit the bill perfectly. 

Which pieces are on your Christmas wishlist? 

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer, Reiss, Whittard, Cath Kidston, Uniqlo, John Lewis, Boots and The White Company)


  1. Ah loving the jammies and the china!

  2. New pyjamas are always a hit in my book!

    Maria xxx

  3. One of those sunrise lamps is on my list too! x


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