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05.01.2015- Bookmarked: Kate Spade's Places to Go, People to See

If one of your resolutions for the year ahead is to get a little bit more reading under your belt, then you're definitely not alone. I'm determined that this year I'm going to knuckle down and rediscover how much I enjoy getting lost in a good book, whether that be on the train to work or before bedtime. Since I left university I've been guilty of neglecting reading, and, with the exception of a few tomes (cough, cough the collected works of George R.R. Martin), have also developed a really bad habit of starting a book only to leave it lying unfinished. To kick start my year in reading, I've picked up a colourful coffee table compendium from Kate Spade...something of a Christmas present to myself! You might remember that I first posted about their Places to Go, People to See book back before my birthday, and it's definitely a purchase which is really helping to dispel the January blues:

Taking you on a whistle-stop worldwide tour, this is perhaps one of the most stylish city guides on my bookshelf. Offering a unique perspective on a host of cities across the globe, infused with the stylish sensibilities of the jet setting Kate Spade girl, Places to Go, People to See presents must visit locations such as Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, London and New York through a fashion focused lens. Packed with pearls of wandering wisdom and odes to exploring, this is a brilliantly inspirational tome to pick up if you've got a serious case of itchy feet or are in the process of plotting your next adventure, offering top tips on everything from packing, to the best films to watch before you jet off and the perfect souvenirs to bring home with you. So, whether you're in the midst of preparing a city break to shake off the post December doldrums or are shortlisting a series of trips for the year ahead, this is definitely something to add to your list of required reading.

Are you planning a getaway soon?

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