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13.01.2015- A Shirt Story

In my book, one of the most versatile wardrobe weapons which you can have in your arsenal is the humble shirt. It's a piece which is up there with staples like jeans and the trench coat in terms of sheer go-to versatility, and in an effort to concoct the perfect capsule wardrobe, I've well and truly realised just how much of a sartorial staple such a brilliantly basic piece can be. Whether for work or the weekend, it's a piece which is ultra adaptable- and as we head towards those tricky transitional weeks between winter and spring (hurry up!), I've got my peepers firmly trained on some well collared wonders:
Boutique Fable Print Shirt, £75, Topshop/Purple Geometric Print Shirt, £36, River Island/Oversized Mono Print Blouse, £38, ASOS/Poplin Boy Shirt, £78, J. Crew/White Embellished Shirt Collar Bib, £15, River Island/Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt, £14.90, Uniqlo/Gingham Check Blouse, £48, Olive Clothing/A Line Poplin Shirt, £55, COS

If you're looking to inject a burst of colour and character into your wardrobe to pep up these dreary January days, you can't go far wrong with this beautiful patterned design from Topshop's Boutique range. With a distinct botanical flavour, it's the perfect piece to invest in as we head towards spring. Speaking of bold prints, this geometric design from River Island is another must-have if you're in the market for some new season spending- and it would prove a great piece for styling with some tailored trousers too, don't you think? 

With pretty prints on the brain, this monochrome design from ASOS is something which can be styled seamlessly, whether for a smarter look or a more pared down, casual approach. The longer line also makes it perfect for playing with proportions, and in my book it's an ideal purchase if you're looking for a cost-per-wear investment. Another definite investment piece is this blouse from J. Crew- a really effortless, classic design which would prove a real asset to any assembly of wardrobe essentials. 

If you're not a fully subscribed member of the shirt wearing sisterhood, then it's easy to incorporate a nod to the trend into your wardrobe thanks to this cute collar from River Island- ideal for layering under knits to add a bit of pretty detail to your winter wardrobe. If you're in the market for some affordable basics, then Uniqlo's range of Oxford styles is perfect- and this pop of vibrant pink is ideal for seeing you through to spring. I love the contrasting collar on this design from Olive Clothing, and again it's a great piece for styling under your seasonal knitwear- so technically you're getting multiple outfits for your money, am I right?! (#wardrobemaths) Finally, if you're looking for cool, contemporary chic, then head straight to COS- I've picked up a few of their staple shirts over the last few months and have more or less worn them on a steady rotation since- this poplin number is next on my list! 

Are you a fan of the humble shirt?

(Image credit: Topshop, River Island, ASOS, J. Crew, Uniqlo, Olive Clothing and COS.)


  1. I do LOVE a good shirt, but whenever I step out in a white and a red lip, I always feel like such a French cliché... Maybe 2015 is the year to embrace ALL THE CLICHES!

    - Elodie x


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