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29.01.2015- Savvy Style: Kate Spade Infinity Studs

Whilst I'm a definite magpie in terms of collecting accessories, over recent months (and in the interest of have a good old fashioned de-clutter!), I've been streamlining some of my jewellery box gems. I don't know whether it's the time of the year, but there's something quite enjoyable about taking stock and getting rid of those little things which you've been holding on to 'just in case' or for a rainy day. Whether it's emptying out your wardrobe and treating yourself to some new staples after bidding a final farewell to those jeans which you've been clinging on to for years or finally sitting down and taking the time to untangle your necklaces (guilty as charged), getting things organised is the undoubtedly best way to take stock- and January seems like the perfect opportunity to devote time to some serious wardrobe admin. Whilst I was in the midst of getting to grips with my trinket boxes, a recent addition to my jewellery collection came back to the fore- a dynamic duo which I couldn't be happier to have rediscovered:

Kate Spade Infinity Studs, c/o my lovely pals!

These gorgeous Kate Spade earrings had been on my wishlist for ages, and my lovely Dream Team pals were kind enough to treat me to them as a birthday present at the end of last year. I've been looking to upgrade my day to day earrings for a little while now, and these subtle little studs fit the bill perfectly. They're just the right size and dainty enough to sit perfectly alongside my other piercings, and the simple design makes them ideal for everyday wear. However, now the temptation to treat myself to some more matching pieces is proving too hard to this space!

What are your jewellery essentials?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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