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12.02.2015- What I Wore Today #213

I don't know about yours, but my January was a pretty thrifty one. Post Christmas always tends to be a time of belt tightening, and I'm trying to make this the year that I start being a grown up and actually save some money. Easier said than done now that the shops are full of a crop of new season pieces, but in the interest of maintaining a moderately healthy bank balance, I'm resolved to stop frivolous splurges and only invest in some true treasures. With the end of January cause for a mini celebration in and of itself, I treated myself to some very special Sister Jane shaped spending:

Dress- Sister Jane via ASOS
Coat- Vintage 
Shoes- River Island 
Bag- c/o Atterley Road 
Sunglasses- ASOS 

Up until quite recently, I'd not been fully subscribed to the pinafore dress fan club, predominately as I hadn't come across any styles which particularly caught my eye. However, during a cheeky post-payday ASOS browse, I came across this beauty from Sister Jane, so took the plunge and headed to the checkout. It's the sort of piece which fills a real gap in my wardrobe, perfectly treading the line between smart and casual whilst working really well alongside some of my current style favourites. It's also really easy to wear and it goes without saying that I love the collar detail- a touch which makes so many of the Sister Jane pieces in my wardrobe really standout. Needless to say that I can't wait for spring to arrive so that I can wear it without having to layer a coat over the top! 

Have you treated yourself to anything new recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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