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18.02.2015- Most Wanted: Glorious Ganni

Regular readers will know that I'm a massive fan of Ganni, and have been since discovering their super cool Scandi-chic aesthetic just over a year or so ago. I'm very lucky to have a few of their gorgeous designs in my wardrobe, and it's pretty safe to say that there's not a week which goes by without me paying multiple visits to their website to see which new pieces I can add to my wish list. With spring so very nearly sprung, I'm planning on having a serious sort out over the next few weeks, and finally getting round to clearing out my wardrobe. I'm still clinging on to bits and bobs from eons ago just on the off chance that I'll get round to wearing them, so I think it's safe to say that it's well and truly time to get a little bit ruthless. Also, by the unwritten law of wardrobe logic, having a sort out means that it's perfectly acceptable to invest in some new pieces- and my pick of the crop comes from Ganni's SS15 collection:

Printed Kimono, £115/Manhattan Sweater, £90/San Pedro Shirt, £90/Sunset Dungarees, £170/Gold Shopper, £170/Santa Monica Dress, £115/Gemma Silk Top, £115/Gardena Georgette Shirt, £90/iPhone Case, £12

Towards the end of last summer, you might remember that I became something of a kimono convert, and the one which I picked up from Ganni's sale remains a real favourite. This monochrome design is another cracker, and the simple shape coupled with the bold print makes it the perfect statement piece- as well as a brilliant transitional investment. Sports Luxe is a trend which I really want to try and experiment with a bit more, and this chic sweater taps into the effortless cool of that aesthetic perfectly. Well and truly added to my shopping list!

Regular readers will know that I'm a huge fan of prints, and this shirt ticks all of the right boxes, don't you think? It's a lovely new season breath of fresh air, and ideal for teaming with some old favourites too. It seems that there are few trends as devisive as dungarees, and if I'm being completely honest, with the exception of the pair which I lived in as a toddler, I've only had bad experiences with them. However, that's not to say that the perfect pair aren't out there somewhere- and these ones look like a pretty safe bet to me. One to ponder over a bit more I think! As well as their ready to wear, I'm also a big fan of Ganni's accessories, and this gold tote is the perfect, characterful bag for every day. Plus, on a purely practical note, it looks more than big enough to accommodate all of my essentials!

Although day to day I tend to live in jeans, when the weather starts to get a bit warmer, I think I'll be reaching for a few more dresses of a morning, and this navy blue number is ideal for mastering smart/casual effortlessly. I love the feminine, frilly detailing too. Back to printed blouses (if it ain't broke and all that), this black silk design is another smart staple which would undoubtedly prove to be a real investment. On the same note, this Gardena style is perfect for spring, and a really versatile piece which has serious styling potential. Finally, if you're looking to give your gadgets a new season makeover, search no more- this lovely floral phone case has got you covered- literally!

Are you a fan of Ganni?

(Image credit: Ganni.)


  1. Really nice post - I haven't heard of this brand before but what you have picked out I will defiantly be checking them out.
    Love the sweater top.

  2. I always really love your Ganni stuff, I think I need to check them out, those tops are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  3. i've never really checked out ganni but i love these vibrant prints so maybe i should x

    Bow Dream Nation


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