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24.02.2015- Brilliant Backpacks

I don't know if it's just me getting older, but as I start to streamline my wardrobe, I'm focusing on making purchases which are far more practical than many of my spur of the moment spends. As well as having a good old fashioned sort out of my clothes, I'm planning on tackling my accessories too- which means sifting through a mini mountain of shoes and hearty haul of handbags. Don't get me wrong, I'm still as obsessed with shopping as ever, but there's something pretty cathartic about 'out with the old and in with the new'- particularly if you're making space for some new investments which you've been saving up for. With a more practical slant to my shopping, it will probably come as no surprise that one of my current obsessions is easy to wear, reliable and seriously sturdy. Yep- I'm talking beautiful backpacks:

Grafea Backpack, £145, ASOS/Clean Smart Backpack, £34, Topshop/Clean PU Backpack, £32, Accessorize/Whistles Verity Cracked Leather Backpack, £95, Selfridges/Mansur Gavriel Camello Backpack, $745/Leather Rucksack, £49.99, Zara/Classic Nylon Molly Backpack, £185, Kate Spade/BDG Leather Backpack, £120, Urban Outfitters.

Up until recently, I'd been fairly convinced that backpacks were the preserve of the playground and something which I'd left well and truly behind me, along with compulsory maths, trying to tie a tie and falling off of my stool in science exams. Okay, perhaps the last one was just me, but nonetheless, in my mind the backpack was always synonymous with school, and more specially picking out a new one at the start of each school year from the Argos catalogue. However, over the last little while or so, they've had something of a style resurgence, and are now firmly fixed on my radar as the perfect alternative to the traditional tote. I've got a couple in my collection, but over recent months a few more favourites have well and truly caught my eye. This pastel pink design from Grafea has been on my Radar for a little while now, and is the perfect spring staple, as well as being a really refreshing alternative to some of the more muted tones which dominate my wardrobe. With that in mind, this metallic number from Topshop is another winner, particularly as it's a pretty sturdy piece too- ideal for packing in the essentials! 

Accessorize have got a bounty of beautiful new season pieces in at the moment, and this bold blue backpack is no exception. Again, it's a great way to update your existing favourites with a brilliant burst of colour. I stumbled across (completely by accident of course!), this Whistles style which is still part of the Selfridges sale- best make a move quickly if you're after it though, as I'm sure it won't stick around forever. 

I have no doubt that a Mansur Gavriel bag will be on everyone's wish list this year, and I'm determined to save my pennies for one (although how successful this will be is anyone's guess!) Their totes and bucket bags are beautiful, but it's this backpack which has well a truly caught my eye as it's so simple yet really smart too. On a slightly more affordable (and available) note is this Zara piece- a lovely, light addition to any spring wardrobe. If you're after a truly versatile investment, then you'd be hard pushed to go wrong with this Kate Spade style as it's an instant classic. Finally, a slightly larger piece from Urban Outfitters- perfect if, like me, you find it nigh on impossible to leave the house with everything but the kitchen sink! 

Are you a fan of the backpack?

(Image credit: ASOS, Topshop, Accessorize, Selfridges, Mansur Gavriel, Zara, Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters.)


  1. I love that Grafea one. I've got a couple of leather backpacks now, makes the commute so much easier. I can carry more with me and have two hands free. Total backpack convert x

  2. backpacks are the way forward, love the baby pink one. i'm always with my trusty yellow kanken, it get filthy but i love it x

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