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25.03.2015- On the Menu: Casa Brindisa, South Kensington

Whilst I love a good burger (mmmm Patty & Bun) as much as the next person, sometimes it's nice to be a little bit more refined and indulge in some more delicate dining. I'm a huge fan of Spanish cuisine (thank you summer holiday trips!), and since a few local tapas favourites closed their doors a little while ago, I've been searching for something to fill the Serrano ham shaped void in my life. Brindisa is one of my go-to favourites at Borough Market (you haven't lived until you've tried their olive oil crisps), and their South Kensington sister restaurant has become a real favourite for when I find myself on the other side of town. A few weeks ago, after visiting Savage Beauty at the V&A, my mum and I popped in for lunch- and, as ever, the menu was perfection on a plate:

For me, the beauty of tapas lies in the variation which you can enjoy across so many different dishes, and the smaller plates are a great way to be a bit more experimental with your eating. Brindisa's menu has lots of traditional favourites, including an amazing charcuteria selection, as well as seasonal house specials which you'll only find at the South Kensington restaurant. My favourites (and most ordered dishes!) include boquerones, chilli garlic prawns and ham and chicken croquetas with goats cheese- mouthwatering morsels which are perfect for a light, lazy lunch or as a great way to round off the day. If you're planning a visit, I'd also recommend ordering a basket of bread as it usually arrives at the table when it's still warm- heavenly!

Are you a fan of Brindisa?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love the Borough Market Brindisa - didn't know there was one in South Ken too! x


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