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06.04.2015- On the Menu: Weekend Brunch at 3 South Place

Weekend Brunch. Possibly one of the most cherished phrases in the English language. The promise of a leisurely meal straddling breakfast and lunch whilst combining the best of both worlds is one which I've come to really appreciate over recent months, particularly when I want to make the most of not having to set an alarm! For a special Easter weekend treat, Lily, Hannah and I decided to sample all that the weekend brunch menu that 3 South Place has to offer, sitting down for a much needed catch up over some tea and seriously scrummy delights:

Having sacrificed breakfast in favour of maximising my opportunity to enjoy as many things as possible from the menu (and an extra fifteen minutes in bed!), I instantly plumped for a pot of Earl Grey, swiftly followed by a bowl of yoghurt, granola and berries- a real morning favourite of mine. This granola was pretty luxurious, with plenty of raisins, seeds and nuts adding the perfect crunch to the mix. Next up, I opted for the Croque Madame- another indulgent treat which was the perfect combination of some breakfast and lunch favourites. For something sweet to finish things off, I selected the milk chocolate set cream with salted caramel, which proved a real winner...although I have to confess that by this point, I was a tad too full to finish it off completely! 

Overall, the perfect way to start the weekend, and I'm already planning a return visit at 3 South Place- the perfect pocket of haven in the city! 

Where are your favourite places to go for brunch?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This looks so good, brunch is the best meal!

    Maria xxx

  2. What I'm about to say is going to sad oh so sad, but hey, it's true. I live for brunch - especially if it has bottomless bubbles to go with it.

    - Elodie x


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