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13.04.2015- Most Wanted: Palm Prints

Whilst I'm sure I'm not the only one daydreaming about booking a spur of the moment summer holiday to somewhere luxurious, until I win the lottery it seems unlikely that that will happen (for a little while, at least). If you, like me, have got itchy feet and are longing to book a break away, never fear- I've found a little bit of a compromise. Fair enough, it's not a fortnight in the Caribbean or The Maldives, but if you're on a shoestring budget then the tropical prints which are dominating the shops at the moment might just be the next best thing to kicking back on a beautifully sunkissed beach. I know, I know- it's not exactly the same thing, but for now at least I know it's the closet that I'm likely to get to palm trees and sandy beaches- and there are plenty of pretty palm inspired prints in the shops to help you channel a slice of summer holiday chic:

Jungle Palm Shirt Dress, £45, Warehouse/Oriental Belted Duster Kimono, £45, Oasis/Bamboo Overlay Dress, £140, Whistles/People Tree Organic Cotton Trouser in Palm Print, £60, ASOS/Palm Print Bag, £29.99, Mango/Flossy Blue Canvas Pumps, £12, Office/Beach House Bouquet Mini Studs, £40, Kate Spade

This printed button down dress from Warehouse has been on my wish list for what feels like forever, and last weekend it became the latest addition to my wardrobe! It's definitely a new favourite and something which I know I'll get plenty of wear out of as the weather warms up. It's super versatile too, and I can't wait to experiment with styling it in lots of different ways. The kimono jacket was a real favourite of mine last summer, and I’m sure that I’ll be reaching for my old favourites again soon too. In the meantime, this gorgeous bold blue design from Oasis has really caught my eye as it just screams summer holidays, don’t you think? Definitely one to snap up even if you’re not going to be packing your suitcase any time soon.

For regular readers, it will come as no surprise that I’m seriously coveting all of the new season pieces from Whistles, not least this super stylish printed dress. Not only is the monochrome print ultra-adaptable, but the asymmetric detailing adds the perfect modern twist too. For me, another summer staple is the humble printed trouser- in my book you can’t go far wrong with a statement pair and a simple block coloured top. These ones from People Tree at ASOS have got summer written all over them, and from a purely practical perspective the lightweight organic cotton makes them ideal for balmy days in the city *insert thumbs up emoji*!

With co-ordination in mind, this clutch bag from Mango ticks all of the right boxes, and if you're looking for something a little bit more understated for pairing with some of your wardrobe basics, something like this is a great option. Speaking of practicality, a few years ago (ironically enough, when I was shopping for summer holiday clothes!), I came across Flossy- and am yet to find a more comfortable style of shoe. This vivid printed pair from Office have shot to the top of my shopping list, and are pretty impossible to resist at such a bargain price. Finally, if you’re after a subtle hint of summer, then these tropical inspired earrings from Kate Spade are perfect, and a lovely subtle way to liven up some existing wardrobe favourites too.

Are you a fan of palm prints?

(Image credit: Warehouse, Oasis, Whistles, ASOS, Mango, Office and Kate Spade.)


  1. That black and white dress is GORGEOUS, count me in for palm prints!

    Maria xxx


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