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22.05.2015- Beauty Buys: Ren Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream

In beauty terms, finding the ideal moisturiser is a little bit like searching for the Holy Grail. Okay, okay- perhaps I'm exaggerating a little bit, but amidst a sea of choice it can prove pretty tricky to navigate the perils of purchasing the perfect product. Although I've always been quite lucky with my moisturiser choices, trying something new can be almost as scary as hitting the beauty counters for the first time, but when I found that my skin wasn't benefiting from previous purchases as much as possible, it was time to do a bit of shopping around and investigate the possibility of switching things up a little bit more. After having a look at the best of the high street and high end options, I found the perfect mid-range product- both purse and complexion friendly!

Ren Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream, £20

I've been using Ren's Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream for a fair few months now and it's definitely become a new favourite. Not only is it comparatively reasonably priced and ultra-long lasting, the formulation is really lightweight and absorbs instantly, which makes it ideal for using as a base every morning- and, practically, it's perfect if I find myself in something of a rush (which, in all honesty, is 99% of the time!) I don't usually tend to suffer from dry skin as a rule, but more recently my face has been in need of some tlc, especially in the more sensitive areas where I'm prone to drier patches and flare ups. This has definitely helped to tackle them head (or should that be face?!) on, and I tend to find that even a really small slathering of it protects my complexion from environmental nasties and keep things hydrated throughout the course of the day. If you're looking for a product that ticks every box, then I think you'd struggle to go wrong here, particularity as it's suitable for all skin types too.

What are your favourite moisturising products?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Sounds like a great moisturiser! I've been using my Avène one lately, but I might give this one a try next time!

    - Elodie x

  2. Gosh you're definately persuading me to take the plunge and buy it!


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