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25.05.2015- On the Menu: Canteen

This is probably old news to regular readers, but brunching is rapidly turning into one of my favourite pastimes. Since paying a visit to 3 South Place and sampling their selection of mid morning goodies last month, I've been on the lookout for some new haunts to add to my ever increasing eating list, and a few weeks ago a spontaneous catch up on the South Bank afforded me the chance to sample the brilliant brunch bonanza at Canteen. I'd been to towards the end of last year for a cheeky pre-IMAX cup of tea and quick bite to eat, but with a little bit more time to investigate their menu on this occasion (and having skipped breakfast in favour of some valuable extra snoozing seconds!), I opted to explore their selection of seasonal foodie favourites:

Canteen's menu offers Great British grub at really reasonable prices, and varies from season to season to ensure that everything on offer is as fresh and sustainable as possible. I found the prospect of scrambled eggs far too tempting to resist (served perfectly with granary toast and chives), and my lovely friend Kate opted for the poached eggs and avocado- definitely an option which I'll be exploring next time I pop along. With eyes bigger than my belly (as always!), I also ordered the sausage roll and tomato relish, complete with a poppy seed topping- a lovely twist on a really satisfying staple- sometimes you can't beat a bit of comfort food, eh?! Finally (and because no meal is complete without pudding), we both plumped for the chocolate cheesecake as a sweet way to finish things off- and from someone who's not normally a cheesecake fan, it was a gamble which really paid off as it was absolutely gorgeous- although I wasn't entirely won over by the crème fraîche accompaniment.

Are you a fan of Canteen? Where are your favourite brunching haunts?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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