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29.06.2015- The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Although I mentioned in my last post that one of my favourite things about immersing yourself in a big city is discovering some super special secret gems, it's sometimes just as much fun to become something of a tourist in your own city and explore those must-visit destinations which you've never quite found the opportunity to get familiar with. I know I've got a list as long as my arm of London landmarks which are long overdue a visit- those instantly recognisable destinations which are so synonymous with the city and yet which are always fighting for competition against the latest hot ticket or something more temporary. One such place which I've been meaning to visit for an absolute eternity is the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, so when Hannah invited me along as her guest for a special bloggers preview of their much anticipated Summer Exhibition, I jumped at the chance:

The hubbub of the Summer Exhibition proved the perfect introduction to the Royal Academy of Arts, and although the installations were a little overwhelming to start with, it was fantastic to see such a variety of work on display, and having the chance to unpick each of the pieces as we made our way through the galleries was really fun, making the visit feel really interactive and personal too. There were lots of pieces which really stood out, including the incredible painted staircase by Jim Lambie, and Liam Gillick's plexiglass installation. I also loved Michael Landy's neon bubbles, Bluewolf by Jim Remfry and Mychael Barratt's London Map of Days- definitely a piece which I could have puzzled out all evening!

Havr you ever been to the Royal Academy of Arts?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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