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03.07.2015- Beauty Buys: Essie Summer Shades

As far as summer beauty goes, I tend to keep things as pared back as possible, particularly when it comes to avoiding products which have the potential to slide off as soon as the temperatures start to rocket (#publictransportproblems!) As a result, I don't tend to find myself reaching for colour cosmetics, preferring instead to keep things as fresh faced and fuss free as possible. However, as far a nails are concerned, summer provides the perfect opportunity to embrace some seasonal shades- and once again those clever people at Essie have come up with a seriously covetable collection of colours- some of which very swiftly made their way into my ever growing collection a few weeks ago:

Essie Sunset Sneaks and Saltwater Happy, from the Summer 2015 collection.

These high summer hues are my pick of Essie's new shades, and I've been steadily alternating between the two over the last few weeks. Saltwater Happy is a perfectly monikered blue with a hint of purple which leans more towards the lavender side of the spectrum, making it feel slightly cooler than some of the punchier blues which make up Essie's core collection. It's swiftly becoming a real favourite, and I've been really surprised at how well it works with so many of the pieces from my summer wardrobe.

Sunset Sneaks is a statement pink, with a warm red tinge which takes it to the cusp of coral colourings- perfect for embracing a summer holiday sentiment. It really stands out amongst lots of the other pink shades in my collection, and again it tends to work really nicely as an accent shade alongside lots of other hues too. Both shades are really well formulated too, and I've been really impressed at how long lasting they're proving- perfect for a fuss free summer! 

Are you a fan of Essie's new season shades? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love these! I usually tend to stick to whites and golds in the summer, but I've been all about the brights this year. I think I might even have to pick Sunset Sneaks next time I go shopping!

    - Elodie x

  2. Essie always have the best shades, I love the sound of both of these but Saltwater Happy is really unusual!

    Maria xxx

  3. I haven't got any of this season Essie stuff (I have too many already... maybe) but these ones are so pretty. And please don't speak of summer public transport ever again, I'm already dreading 8am tomorrow! x


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