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08.07.2015- On the Menu: Battersea Pie Station

Although I'm a real fan of seeking out new styles of cuisine, sometimes you can't beat some foodie home comforts, can you? Tucked away in Covent Garden Market, Battersea Pie Station is a foodie destination which has been on my 'to visit' list for ages, and a little while ago I finally had the opportunity to try their trademark traditional  menu for myself. Established in 2009, Battersea Pie Station has garnered a reputation as London's go-to for pastry perfection, so you can imagine how eager I was to give their offerings a try:

The menu, which varies from day to day, isn't all that extensive, but it offers simple, expertly crafted cooking which is as heartwarming as it is hearty- back when I visited it was to escape a rainy, grey evening, so some comfort food was very much in order! I plumped for the Chicken Pie (the last one in the shop I'll have you know!), accompanied by a very generous side order of green beans.- because if you can't go a little bit Girl vs Food on a wet Wednesday evening, then when can you, eh?!

The pie was cooked to perfection, with a flavoursome filling and incredible pastry casing- such a lovely change from a lot of the open pies which I've tried in other restaurants before. With lashings of gravy and a touch of greenery, this was a great plate of grub which went down an absolute treat. Perhaps true testament to how delicious it was comes from the fact that I now find myself having to avoid the market for fear that I'll stumble inside and end up devouring everything on the menu!

Have you tried Battersea Pie Station?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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