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15.07.2015- Beauty Buys: Summer Essentials

As I've mentioned a few times in the past, when summer arrives around these parts, I tend to keep my makeup pretty minimal, particularly when confronted with the prospect of battling my way down to the Tube in soaring temperatures (an experience which I'm convinced should be an Olympic-style endurance test!) Having said that, summer also provides a great opportunity to overhaul some of the more basic aspects of my beauty routine, and recently I've been trying some new additions as well as going back to basics with some old favourites:

Sass Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel (c/o), Proactiv Complexion Perfecting Hydrator (c/o), The Wet Brush Detangling Brush (c/o), Next Paradise Escape Eau de Parfum, Liz Earle Travel Size Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Perhaps one of the beauty rituals most synonymous with summer is shaving. Love it or loathe it, it's a pretty standard part of preparing for the warmer weather or heading off on holiday, and this Sass soothing shave gel is a brilliant essential, particularly as it's perfect for popping into your suitcase if you're jetting off to the beach. As the weather gets warmer, I also tend to find that my skin needs a little bit more tlc than usual, so I've been upping the anti with moisturising of late. I've been using the Proactiv Complexion Perfecting Hydrator every evening before bed and have noticed a definite improvement in terms of how fresh my face has been feeling- a definite bonus especially as my skin seems to have grown a lot less tolerant to the sunshine!

Regular readers will also be well aware that I'm engaged in an almost constant battle with my hair, but at this time of the year things tend to get rather more unruly than usual. Combing and Tangle Teezing is a great first step, but for a more thorough de-tangle, I've been well and truly converted to The Wet Brush, which is gentle as well as being a minor miracle in helping to get rid of lots of the knots in my mane! Summer scents can be pretty tricky too, and when it's warm outside I tend to pop my more expensive perfumes to the side and opt for lighter notes which are ideal for spritzing throughout the day. This Paradise Escape perfume from Next is a really subtle summer essential- and with a name like that it's just begging to be packed in your suitcase, don't you think?! Finally, I've taken my skincare routine back to basics a little bit over the last few weeks, and have been giving Liz Earle's beloved Cleanse & Polish another whirl. It's a great compliment to some of my existing skincare staples, and has been a much needed refresher for my complexion of late!

What are yours ummer beauty essentials?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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