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10.08.2015- Style Staples: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Although I've got a rather extensive selection of sunglasses stashed away (many of which have appeared in one guise or another across these pages in the past!), up until recently I'd never seen the appeal of investing anything more than £20 on a pair of shades. However, maybe walking past the Ray-Ban shop on my way to and from work everyday somehow subtly convinced me that up until now there's been a gap in my collection which needed to be filled by a pair of their signature shades- and a little bit of luck on the Premium Bonds (25 going on 75, I know, I know) a few weeks ago provided me with the perfect opportunity to treat myself. After all, it's always nice to spend an unexpected windfall on a treat isn't it?

After a fair bit of research (i.e lustfully gazing at the website!), I opted for these classic Wayfarers- perfectly proportioned for my, erm, rather dinner plate sized head. I was slightly worried at first that the rectangular frames would make my features look a little on the square side, but couldn't have been more wrong- and now I wouldn't be without them. The dark tinted frames are perfect for sunny days (as well as disguising a sneaky power nap on the train of a morning...), and are the perfect statement staple for topping off lots of my favourite wardrobe essentials (I'm sure they'll be making their debut in an outfit post before too long!) Besides, if they're good enough for Roy Orbison...

Are you a fan of Ray-Bans?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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