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21.08.2015- Fashion Favourite: Sister Jane

Whilst I'm usually a complete creature of habit when it comes to my usual shopping haunts, every so often it's lovely to switch things up a bit and experiment with some off-the-beaten-track brands. Sister Jane is a label which has been on my radar for a fair few years now, and some of my favourite, most worn wardrobe wonders have come directly from them. With autumn just around the corner (shudder!), I've been drawing up a list of prospective new season investment pieces- and suffice it to say that Sister Jane have once again come up trumps with their crop of current styles:

Striped Folktale Shirt, £49/Denim Sweet Jane Blouse, £52/Delilah Blouse, £45/Embroidered Shirt, £55/Horizon Skirt, £48/Flora Top, £48

Shirts are a real staple for me as the weather gets a little bit chillier, and although I've got a solid selection of basics in my wardrobe, most of them are just that- basic. One of the things which I love so much about Sister Jane is the way they incorporate lots of lovely little extra touches, and the collar detail on this shirt really elevates it to something special, don't you think? Fashion's love affair with all things denim shows no signs of abating next season, so with that in mind I've got my eyes firmly fixed on this top. Again, the collar detail is such a lovely touch, and the embroidered element is perfect for retaining a touch of springtime sensibility.

If you're on the lookout for some smarter investment pieces for the new season, then you'd be hard pushed to go wrong with this gorgeous monochrome design. The floral detailing is so elegant, and this would be a real boon to any work wardrobe, as well as being super easy to style with a more casual feel too. With the 70s aesthetic still very much at the forefront of next season's trendometer, this white shirt with floral embroidery is another brilliant investment piece, and is versatile enough to incorporate into your core collection of summer clothes too.

After having a good old fashioned (and long overdue!) wardrobe sort out a few weeks ago, I've come to the conclusion that there's a serious skirt shaped void in there which could do with some attention. 99% of the time I tend to live in jeans, so as autumn approaches I'm determined to get a little bit more adventurous with some alternatives. This lovely pale blue number has rocketed to the top of my wishlist, not least because of the beautiful pattern detailing- another example of the little touches which make Sister Jane's styles stand out so much from the crowd. Finally, I realise that this post has been rather heavy on mentions of autumn (sorry!), but if you're still to jet off on your summer holidays and are after some last minute essentials, then you'd be hard pushed to go wrong with this blue and white blouse, don't you think?

Are you a fan of Sister Jane?

(Image credit: Topshop, ASOS and Sister Jane)


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