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30.08.2015- How To: Making the Most of Fresh Flowers

There are few things nicer than getting fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep, and regular readers will know that since spending a day at The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers last year, I've become more than a little bit obsessed with making the most of the beautiful blooms I pick up, as well as those which I'm lucky enough to have growing in my garden. At this time of the year, I find myself more eager than ever to prolong the summer months by salvaging as many summer flowers as possible, so when the lovely people at Blossoming Gifts dropped me a line to introduce me to their flower delivery and comparatively cheap flowers, I was delighted to have the opportunity to practice my burgeoning floristry skills again. As well as their gorgeous rose and hydrangea bouquet, I eagerly picked some favourites from the garden too, getting a little bit experimental with some different styling options. If you're tempted to allay your wet weather woes by doing something similar on this rainy Bank Holiday weekend, then keep reading for some top tips on how to keep your blooms looking beautiful...


Surprisingly enough, I snapped up these Kilner jars from Whittard at the end of last week with flowers in mind- and at only £3 each they really were too pretty to resist. They're the perfect colourful alternative to more traditional vases, and are ideal for displaying shorter stemmed offcuts from the garden as I did here, with some of my favourite hydrangeas, sweetpea and some rescued begonias which ended up a little worse for wear after the showery spells we've experienced of late! As ever, conditioning your blooms is essential to make sure that they last as long as possible, striping away any excess foliage and trimming the stems at a slant to help the flowers take up as much water as they can. Applying the same principles to my bigger bouquet, I rearranged the foliage to form a solid structure for the posy before adding in the beautiful blue hydrangeas and white roses- and over a week later it's still providing a much needed antidote to the gloomy skies! 

If you want to try your hand at road testing some of my tips (or if you just fancy treating yourself!) then Blossoming Gifts are offering 33% off their selection of blooms with the code BGIFTS33- valid on everything but their Flowers by Post range.

What are your floral favourites? 

* I was kindly provided with a bouquet from Blossoming Gifts for review consideration. As ever, my opinions and impressions (as well as my love of all things floral!) are 100% honest. 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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