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31.08.2015- What I Wore Today #229

Remember that weekend a little under a month or so ago when it actually, properly felt like summer? It might seem like a distant recollection now, especially amidst the seemingly never ending spells of rain and overcast skies, but it provided me with one of the only opportunities which I've had this year to dust off some warm weather essentials- and, perhaps more significantly, leave the house without wearing a coat or clinging on to my umbrella for dear life. Whilst there doesn't tend to be all that much variation between my weekday and weekend wardrobes, sometimes it's lovely to embrace lazier days (namely Saturday and Sunday) and relax in some comfortable, casual essentials- for those occasions where pyjamas aren't quite de rigueur...

Top- Zara
Jeans- c/o F&F
Shoes- Birkenstock (via ASOS)
Bag- Topshop
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban (via John Lewis)

I picked up this top in Zara right back at the start of the spring, and I'm a little bit heartbroken that I've only had call to wear it on a couple of outings so far...typical eh?! Having said that, it's the perfect addition to my burgeoning collection of summer staples, and the brilliant sort of basic piece which will endure from season to season, as well as being an ideal holiday hero too. Speaking of staples, these F&F jeans are another old favourite, and the pair which I tend to reach for when comfort is the order of the day (or, indeed, when I'm planning a big lunch..!) Keeping things fairly paired down, I accessorised with my Topshop backpack and Birkenstocks- which have again only had a handful of outings this year but are essentials which I know I'll be able to stash away until next summer...unless, that is, the temperatures rocket as we head into September...!

Have you had the chance to style any summer wardrobe favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. We havent experienced any summer at all, up here in Scotland so I hear you sister!
    This is such a cute top, very elegant :)


  2. I love this top - it's so hard to believe that only a few weeks ago it was boiling hot! x


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