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07.09.2015- On the Menu: The Black Penny

As I've mentioned once or twice before, day to day my choice of lunch spot doesn't tend to vary all that much, which is why it's always lovely to have an excuse to try somewhere different and explore some alternative eating. A few weeks ago, I caught up with Lily one lunchtime, and we both decided to make a beeline for a spot which has been on my radar all summer, but which I've so far not had the opportunity to visit.  The Black Penny in Covent Garden opened to much fanfare at the start of the summer, and on their first day of trading they were offering lunch for 1p- which, needless to say, had people queuing down the street to get in- so I was really excited to see whether or not the menu lived up to the hype:

The menu at The Black Penny is pretty much perfect- whether you're after a quick but flavoursome sandwich or fancy sampling some of their freshly prepared salads. There's scarcely a soggy lettuce leaf in sight, here, however- and when I say salad I should probably preface it with something along the lines of 'gourmet' to adequately justify just how delicious the portions are. Whether you're eating in or taking away, you get plenty for your pound, with various combinations of daily dishes available; I opted for the slow cooked BBQ chicken with a selection of broccoli and bulgar wheat, shaved fennel and green beans. I'm not exaggerating when I say that in the year or so that I've been working in Covent Garden, this stands out as one of the best lunch experiences ever, and having such a great variety of fresh, healthy food so close has definitely made me think twice about shopping around for (or indeed, shunning!) sandwiches from now on!

Have you visited and exciting new foodie destinations recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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