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28.10.2015- Beauty Buys- Dahlia Noir, Givenchy

In my seemingly never ending quest for a perfume which bridges the gap between some of my more expensive scents and a fragrance which I can spritz away day to day, I've done a fair bit of testing- and have discovered that selecting a new favourite is something of a trial and error process. Whilst I've got a stash of classics (including my much loved Chanel No. 5), finding a fresh fragrance for everyday which is a little bit kinder on my purse strings is something which I'd underestimated a little bit- and I'm sure I've spent more time sniffing away at samples in Boots on my lunch break than is strictly healthy. It was, however, well and truly worth it- as I'm now in possession of a new perfect perfume:

Dahlia Noir, Givenchy 

Whilst not strictly new to the market, Givenchy's Dahlia Noir is new to me, and is definitely something worth shouting about. It's floral with just a slight hint of citrus- perfect for clinging on to a sense of summer- and a vanilla base note which adds a splash of sweetness too. Not only that, it's also really long lasting which is always a bonus (#tubeproblems), as well as being the perfect size to pop into a bag too. Defintely one which I'm so happy to have found- and which I'm certainly going to make a repeat purchase of once my current bottle runs out!

Have you tried any new perfumes recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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