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15.02.2016- Relaxation Remedies

There's no denying that winter can be a bit of a headache- in more ways than one. Whether you're contending with a seemingly never ending series of colds, battling your way through cancelled, delayed and altogether vanished trains on your way to and from work, or are just longing for the return of the sunshine for some much needed Vitamin D, the start of the year can sometimes feel like one big stress after another. So, with that in mind (and spring lingering tantalisingly just over the horizon!), I've been making more of a concerted effort to keep things calm- and have found a selection of saviours to help along the way:

Finding time to relax is one of life's little luxuries- and, as such, the weekend is a pretty sacred space- whether it be for finally getting round to some life admin, baking therapy or making time for some quality pampering. I've already waxed lyrical about rediscovering the bubble bath, but come Sunday evening I'm sure I'm not the only one slathering on a face mask and getting ready for the week ahead. One of my favourite recent beauty finds is this John Masters Organics hair detangler, which well and truly takes the stress out of hair care (particularly if, like me, you're a little bit lax with brushing...!) I've posted before about how much I love This Works, and just before Christmas I snapped up their Sleep Plus pillow spray- and it really does work wonders in terms of helping me to drift off calmly- and, more importantly, making sure I can get an uninterrupted night of sound sleep. Finally- because tea and cake are the ultimate aids for unwinding- this Tea & Cake London book from Black Dog Publishing. I'm already planning a series of spring trips to the destinations recommended! 

What are your favourite stress busters? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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