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08.07.2016- On the Menu: Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge

When it comes to afternoon tea, regular readers will know that I'm well versed in some of London's most traditional experiences- but tend to stray very little from the well trodden path of scones, finger sandwiches and dining out on more cake than is strictly healthy for anyone! So, when the opportunity to try something different, in the shape of Cutter & Squidge's Hello Kitty afternoon tea arose, I jumped at the chance. Accompanied by some of my best blogging ladies, last Saturday I settled down in Soho to sample a completely new take on the tradition:

Presented in dim sum baskets, this really is a wonderfully different take on afternoon tea, taking lots of the more traditional elements and infusing them with a uniquely Hello Kitty flavour. From the variety of sandwiches (the smoked salmon and chive being my favourite!) to the savoury scones and pink lemonade which kicks the experience off, it’s a menu which finds a great balance between the sweet and savoury, keeping your palette in eager anticipation of the surfeit of sugar which concludes proceedings. From chocolate mud pie to cake truffles and strawberry milkshake biskies, this is definitely an afternoon to tea to place you in a sweet-treat induced stupor if ever there was one, made all the more enjoyable but having such excellent service and being in the company of some of the sassiest lassies on earth.

Have you tried any new dining experiences recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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