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07.09.2016- What I Wore Today #276

With the arrival of the new season, I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to spruce up my style staples and shop around for some new autumn essentials. Rather temptingly, the shops are full of lots of lovely pieces at the moment, and I've been window shopping on my lunch breaks, compiling a mental shopping list of those essentials I've spotted which are worth saving the pennies for. I'm keen to snap up some investment buys, and over recent weeks have styling some smarter staples which are perfect for negotiating the transition into autumn with:

Jacket- Zara 
Top- Cos 
Trousers- Zara 
Shoes- Adidas (via Surfdome) 
Bag- Skinny Dip London

This co-ord from Zara caught my eye in store about a month or so ago, and it will probably come as no surprise that it was a payday purchase a few weeks back. I've been after a smart combination like this for what feels like ages now, and it's one of those great sets which lends itself to styling in so many different ways. I love the slightly longer, more relaxed line of the jacket (which I've been wearing with jeans too), and the culottes are a brilliant fit, as well as being perfect for pairing with lots of my favourite blouses as well. Continuing in a fresh vain, this backpack from Skinny Dip London is another recent purchase, and a great practical buy for everyday.

Have you picked up any new autumn essentials?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson,  please do not reproduce without permission.)


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