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12.09.2016- What I Wore Today #277

Sometimes there are few things nicer than rummaging through you wardrobe and digging out some old treasures- those pieces which have been failsafe and faithful, as well as being wonderful options if you're in a rush too. For me, a great staple option is a kimono as they're so easy to style- particularly if you plump for a pattern which packs a bit of a punch. I usually tend to grab one of my staple collection if I find myself pushed for time, but over recent weeks I've found that they've been brilliant in attempting to navigate this changeable weather too:

Kimono- Ganni 
Top- ASOS 
Jeans- Weeksday (via ASOS)
 Shoes- ASOS 
Bag- Skinnydip London 

Eagle eyed readers will be well acquainted with this kimono, and it's been a favourite feature of my wardrobe for a good couple of years now. Not only is the print a real classic, but the relaxed fit means it's great for layering over quite blocky basics (as well as helping me to pretend that I'm still decked out in my pyjamas for as long as possible!) Finally, a quick word about these shoes- a bargain find in the ASOS sale- maximising pineapple power as I continue to eek out the last moments of summer.

Do you have any old wardrobe faithfuls? 

(Image credit: Sophie Warner, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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