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03.10.2016- On the Menu: Brunch at Shackfuyu

Another weekend, another brunch date- this time in celebration of Lily's birthday! In search of an alternative to the usual eggs and avocado on toast, we descended en masse to Shackfuyu- a destination we'd visited for dinner before. Their recently launched brunch menu had us eager to make a return visit- and so last Sunday we made our way to Soho to sample a selection of treats:

If you're a fan of bottomless brunches, then this is certainly good value for money, offering the option to alternate between pineapple sake and prosecco as you enjoy your food. However, as a non drinker I always tend to find these options a little bit futile- especially as I was only offered one soft drink as an alternative throughout the entirety of the meal. The service was a little bit on the slow side too- particularly as we ordered a good hour before most of the food arrived. I opted for a selection of dishes, including the buttermilk fried chicken bun, Cornish crab roll and hot stone rice, and whilst it was all delicious, I'd almost gone beyond being hungry for it by the time it arrived. Dessert was as lovely as it was the last time we went, and whilst I'd happily pop back to Shackfuyu for dinner, I'm not certain I'm sold on their brunch offering- it's pretty pricey for what you get and I've definitely had better service elsewhere. 

Have you tried any new brunch options recently?

 (Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Totally agree with your review - the service was so slow and I almost felt bad querying where our food was when I'd eaten half of mine and some of us had had none of what we'd ordered! I wish soft drinks were bottomless on these deals, too! x


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