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28.11.2016- Beauty Buys: The Body Shop Down to Earth Quad Eyeshadow

Regular readers will be well aware of the fact that as far as beauty buys go, my stash of eyeshadows is home to lots of old favourites, as well as some newer essentials which I like to switch in and out of my daily routine. There's something really reassuring about rummaging around in my makeup bag first thing in the morning, bleary eyed but not even having to think about which products to reach for- especially as my day to day basics are more or less the same each day. Having said that, recently I have been making a little bit more of a concerted effort to embrace some out of the ordinary hues- which is where a recent purchase from The Body Shop comes in:

I picked up this palette from the Down to Earth range using a voucher a few weeks ago, and it's since become something of a staple. The slightly cooler grey tones sit really nicely alongside the pale pink, and I've found it a really refreshing alternative to lots of the browns and golds which I tend to reach for by default. Not only do the shades work really well together, but the formulation really stands up to the test of a full day of wear- definitely something to write home about!

Have you tried any new beauty essentials recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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