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28.12.2016- Beauty Buys: Naobay Skincare

Long time no post! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day- mine was blissfully quiet, with lots of food and snoozing in front of the telly- a pretty perfect day all round, don't you think?! Anyway, in the pre-Christmas frenzy (and contending with feeling really under the weather), my usual posting schedule seems to have fallen my the wayside just a little bit- but it's actually been quite nice to take a bit of a step back and think about what's on the horizon for the next year. I've got a fair few bits and bobs in the planning, so as well as binge watching all of the Harry Potter films over the coming week, I'm hoping to get typing away again- so watch this space! Anyway, after having a rather flu focused few weeks, I've been relying more than ever on some beauty essentials to perk me up a little bit- including some recently discovered favourites from Naobay:

Naobay Extra Rich Cream Nourishing and Moisturizing Peeling Mask*

As I've grown older, I've become a lot more inclined to invest in higher end products which have had plenty of research thrown at them. With a natural philosophy, Naobay are at the forefront of developing products which are eco-friendly and which contain organic ingredients, grown without being exposed to pesticides. I've been using the Nourishing Cream religiously for the last fortnight or so, and it's been a real winter wonder- especially as I tend to get really dry skin as the weather gets colder and the central heating gets turned up. With avocado and olive oil, it's also really light- so is perfect for using every day. The Moisturizing Peeling Facial Scrub has also been a real boon to my skincare routine- a gentle exfoliant with shea butter and almond oil which works wonders on impurities without being too abrasive. 

Have you tried any new skincare essentials recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I'm obsessed with peeling products - must add this one to my list! x


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