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27.02.2017- Inside Burberry Makers House

Last Friday, full of pre-weekend energy, I made the most of my lunch break by taking a trip to Burberry Makers House- a temporary installation-come-exhibition which popped up in celebration of London Fashion Week, and which sadly closes its doors today. I'd missed their last Makers House during the autumn, so was determined to catch it this time around- and it certainly didn't disappoint. Curated in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation, this stunning space in Soho houses the new season collection and pays tribute to the work of the visionary artist who is the inspiration behind it: 

Not only does the exhibition encapsulate the craftsmanship, creative process and vision which Moore is so synonymous with, it also draws inspiration from his connection to the natural world, and specifically the Yorkshire countryside. As well as showcasing a selection of Moore's work and exploring his legacy, Makers House also houses a display of over seventy bespoke capes, which debuted at the Burberry catwalk presentation last week. Incorporating an array of textiles and techniques, and featuring every fabric imaginable- from seashells to delicate lace- it's a really impressive, immersive experience, and one which I'm really glad to have made the time to explore. It's not often I feel like I've become immersed in a living work of art- but this was certainly a wonderfully diverting lunch hour well spent. 

Makers House closes today- so get along if you can!

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! So sad I missed this!

    - Elodie x


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