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07.04.2017- Beauty Buys: A Kiehl's Collection

No matter how many different beauty brands I try, over the last year or so I've come to realise that there are few which I get on with as well as Kiehl's. Whether it's pepping up my complexion with some of their skincare heroes or treating myself to something new, whenever I pop into store I'm rarely disappointed with the products I end up purchasing. The service is always fantastic too, which makes such a huge difference, don't you think? Anyway, in short, post payday I splashed out and treated myself to a mixture of marvels, all of which I've been getting on famously with:

This starter size of the oil free facial cleanser is a great boon to my current skincare routine and is a staple which I'll definitely be packing in my suitcase ahead of my summer holidays. The ultimate strength hand salve is a product which has been on my shopping list for what feels like forever, and after only a few uses I'm well and truly converted- it's a real miracle worker! Likewise for the facial oil, which is a real bedtime treat and is making such a difference to how my skin looks and feels- especially first thing in the morning! The creme de corps is a product which I've posted about in the past, and is another total hero. As well as being wonderfully light, it's fantastic for using on the sparing side as a little really does go a really long way. Finally, the nourishing olive oil conditioner which is so far working wonders at keeping bad hair days at bay! 

Do you have any Kiehl's favourites?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Creme de corps and the hand cream are 2 of my faves

  2. This really makes me wish I wasn't allergic to most of their stuff! I still love the Crème de Corps though!

    - Elodie x


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