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26.05.2017- Beauty Buys: Hand Luggage Heroes

If you're heading away for a short break this summer and if you're anything like me in terms of your packing preferences, you'll find it quite tricky to travel light! There's no doubt that I've got much better at streamlining my suitcase, but it's always tricky to decide what to ditch when you're struggling for space- especially in terms of toiletries. Having said that, however, for my recent trip to the sunny South of France to see Elodie, I was more determined than ever to crack the packing once and for all- and, with the help of some travel sized treasures, I think that I more or less succeeded:

This travel sized sample of Live Irresistible by Givenchy is something I've been hanging onto in anticipation of summer holidays, and it definitely earned its keep in France- especially after trekking around Marseille! I've posted about my love for this Hourglass palette in the past, and as well as being a brilliant everyday essential, it's perfect for travel too. Not only does it include all of the blusher, bronzer and highlighter you'll ever need, the compact size and mirror are fantastic for saving space. 

Regular readers will be well aware of my dedication to all things Kiehl's, and it's always lovely to have the opportunity to sample some new products whenever I'm repurchasing something. Their Pollutant Defending Masque is something which I've wanted to sample for a little while now, and it certainly lives up to expectations. It's lovely and light, and gently replenishes skin, guarding against all sorts of environmental nasties- so well worth looking at if you've got a long flight or lots of travelling ahead of you. Some final travel-sized treasures come in the shape of this Amino Acid Shampoo and Olive Oil Conditioner, again samples from Kiehl's which I'm sure I'll be repurchasing at full size sooner rather than later. Both are really soothing on the scalp, and the conditioner is designed for dry hair- so perfect if you're planning on hitting the beach or will be spending lots of time by the pool. 

What beauty products are your hand luggage heroes? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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