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07.06.2017- Travel Talk: Exploring Sanary-sur-Mer

As I touched on in my post from Wednesday, having a beach break is a rare treat- and something which, until my trip to France, I hadn't done in a fair few years. Exploring Marseille was something of a whirlwind, so having a more leisurely time to explore Elodie's hometown of Sanary-sur-Mer was most welcome- especially as it's so picture postcard perfect:

Our morning stroll along the seafront saw us buy nearly all of the pastries in town, indulging in them in some seriously picturesque surroundings. After a wonderfully windswept walk along the beach, we arrived at the farmer's market in the centre of town, and, needless to say, it had options on offer to satisfy every palette, including strawberries the size of saucers, freshly caught fish, and some of the freshest food you could wish to find. From there, we pottered along the harbour side, stopping off for a suitably seafood themed spot of lunch- a meal which I'm craving to repeat as soon as possible! Meandering through the backstreets, Elodie introduced us to her local cinema- which itself looked like it should be part of a film set! Climbing to the highest point of the town and avoiding the midday sun, we took in sweeping views of the Mediterranean in all of its aquamarine glory- such a refreshing diversion from the grey hues which punctuate the London skyline. Admiring the ornate balconies and yet more technicolour shutters, we headed back home- not before stopping off for a mid-afternoon ice cream in an array of flavour combinations! 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. The fruit and veg market looks so lush! x

  2. You made my hometown look so, so pretty! And thanks again for my ice cream!

    - Elodie x


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