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07.07.2017- My Month in Pictures: June

Phew! Another month down! June was a flurry of rather sweaty days, don't you think? Whilst we seem to be in the midst of another mini-heatwave, I'm trying (albeit in an effort which is proving quite futile!) to keep cool and avoid turning into a dripping mess- please do send any cooling down tips my way pronto! As well as being punctuated by my exasperated exaltations of how hot I am, the last month has seen some rather lovely goings-on too:

Beautiful blooms!/Blue skies/An Honest Burger/Exploring autumn at Cath Kidston/A weekend enjoying the countryside on my doorstep/Dreamy dahlias!/Exploring Villa Noailles/New London favourites/A cactus collective/Spritzing a Jo Malone favourite/Trying to cool off at Somerset House/Lunching at 26 Grains/Monday morning made better by this glorious sight!/An evening at the theatre/Making the most of the garden!/Pops of colour in sunny Croydon.

All in all, not too shabby! The month ahead is shaping up to be pretty lovely too- watch this space for a round up of what I get up to!

What was your June like?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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