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26.07.2017- On My Bookshelf #2

Hurrah- time for another post in which I wax lyrical about my current (and future) literary loves! Whilst this might be long overdue, it's a sad incitement of my life that it now takes me so long to get through one book, whereas I used to be able to devour them at a rate of knots growing up. Having said that, back then I suppose I didn't have all of this 'being an adult' nonsense to worry about (growing up is rubbish), but one thing which hasn't changed is just how much I find myself enjoying the process of getting lost in a good read. Whilst I struggle to devote as much time to it as I would like to, it's always been a real form of therapy for me and one which, over recent months especially, has really helped in distracting me from lots of little anxieties here and there. So, without further ado- here's a peek a what my current reading list looks like:

The Brownlee brothers' Swim Bike Run was a birthday present which I got last year from the best girl gang on the face of the earth- and it's a read which I can't wait to get stuck in to. Having now been running for over five years (gulp), I'm conscious of wanting to step things up a little bit in the fitness stakes, so hopefully this inspirational account will give me the motivation I need!

On the subject of inspiring siblings from Yorkshire, the Brontës are real heroes of mine too, and this wonderfully monikered tome (The Brontësaurus) was another present which I got towards the end of last year, this time from Jessie. I've only had a cursory browse through so far, but I can already tell that's it's going to get a huge thumbs up. 

No bookshelf is complete without a spot of J.K Rowling, and I picked up the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them from Minalima after watching the film last winter. Not only does it look tip top nestled away in my bookcase, but it's also lovely to peruse the pages and appreciate the process of translating words to the screen- as well as taking me back to my University days of having to digest a playtext or two a week- something which seems like a total luxury now!

Finally, a book which I've just finished- Monty Don's Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs. Truth be told, I was a bit reticent about reading this one after losing my own beautiful canine companion last year, but it's been a wonderfully comforting experience. Recalling his own experiences with dogs in parallel to telling the story of creating his glorious garden at Longmeadow, this personal account is wonderfully heartwarming and so charmingly written- creating a real sense of family and companionship from start to end. That's not to say that I haven't shed a tear or three (or perhaps a bucketful) whilst reading it, but it's been wonderful to find out about someone else's experience in such colour and detail- and has even inspired me to put together a little account of my dog, which I'm hoping to share over the coming weeks. Inspirational literature at its best! 

What are you reading at the moment?

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