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16.08.2017- A Haircut at Rush, Shepherds Bush

If I'm being totally honest, there aren't all that many things which will get me out of bed early at the weekends, let alone earlier than I would usually be up and out of the house during the week. Brunch is perhaps the one obvious exception, but other than that I tend to prefer morphing into something resembling a sloth of a Saturday and Sunday morning. Having said that, however, at the end of last month I found myself up bright and early for a very special Saturday morning trip to the newly opened Rush salon in Shepherds Bush- starting the weekend in style and giving my messy barnet some long overdue tlc:

Opened a little less than a month ago, Rush Shepherds Bush is wonderfully light, airy and spacious, offering a really comfortable and relaxing atmosphere from the moment you step through the door. I've been a regular at my local Rush branch for a while now, so knew I was in good hands from the get go- and, needless to say, my hair was very much in need of a trim. After downing a glorious cuppa, I was treated to a luxurious hair wash and head massage (surely the fastest route to immediate relaxation!), before chatting to my stylist, the wonderful Dee, about what I wanted to go for. 

If you've been reading these pages for a fair few years then you'll be well aware that I've gone through a number of different phases with my hair- from embracing long tresses to the more practical shorter cut which I'm sporting at the moment. As much as I sometimes miss having long hair (and being able to pretend that I'm an honorary member of Haim), my hair is so thick and heavy that it's just much more practical to keep things on the shorter side. Dee worked super speedily to take a lot of the weight out of the top and back, created a layered long bob with a lovely shape to it, and a slight undercut at the back. Adding volume and texture, she blowdried sections of my hair before cutting into them, creating a slightly messy feel which was completed with a spritz or two of sea salt spray. I left the salon over the moon with my new and improved 'do- and now it's had a week or two to settle, I couldn't be happier. A big thank you to Dee and the fabulous team at Rush Shepherds Bush for looking after me! 

To celebrate the opening of the new salon, Rush Shepherds Bush are offering 50% off, for a limited time only. 

*I was kindly invited along to the salon for a complimentary cut. As ever, my opinions and impressions are 100% honest.

(Image credit: Rush and Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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