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30.10.2017- Most Wanted: Glossier Colour Cosmetics

Like most of the you, a few weeks back I (for once!) woke up without that Monday morning dread- purely because the 9th October marked the official launch of Glossier in the UK! Much hyped, much anticipated, the prospect of being able to finally shop the acclaimed selection of products created by Emily Weiss and co. is one which made the alarm going off slightly more bearable. I've been quite restrained in my ordering so far, plumping for a handful of products which I've been keen to try for ages. I've got a post on their mask duo in the planning for the next few weeks, so for now here are my first impressions of two of their signature colour cosmetics: 

If I'm completely honest, I never really give all that much thought to blusher, usually preferring to reach for a signature shade first thing in the morning before legging it out of the front door. However, after hearing nothing but good things about Cloud Paint, I took the plunge and added a shade to my basket- namely Beam, a pinky-peachy tone which seemed to be the best fit for my verging-on-ghoulish complexion. (How great are those product in action videos by the way?!) If powder blusher is usually your go-to, then Cloud Paint will probably take a little bit of getting used to, especially as in terms of judging how much liquid you'll need vs the sort of colour payoff which you're keen on achieving. My first impressions of this product are nothing but positive- especially as it's easy to apply really delicately and has some serious staying power too. The other purchase I made with this order comes in the shape of the Generation G Matte Lipstick in Zip- a punchy red with a slight hint of orange. If I'm being totally honest, I found the first application a little bit waxy, but better after building the colour up. Having said that, again I really can't fault this product for staying power, so I'm sure I'll be investing in some extra shades soon. 

Have you made any Glossier purchases yet? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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