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14.09.2018- A Late Summer Garden Update

As we wave goodbye to summer for another year, I’m determined to make the most of the short window of time left to enjoy being out in the garden. Whilst the heatwave wasn’t particularly kind to some of my favourite plants (poor hydrangeas!) now that things have cooled down a little bit it’s lovely to see some others in full bloom again, and hopefully they’ve still got a little bit of flowering power left before the temperatures drop:

Dahlias really are the most beautiful gift at this time of the year, and make the slow segue into autumn and winter all the easier- the ones in the garden now have blossomed from bulbs which I picked up in Marks and Spencer, and I’m hopeful that next year they’ll be back in bloom- perhaps planted out into a flowerbed rather than in pots as they are at the moment. Similarly, the delphiniums are loving the last burst of sunshine which we’re having at the moment, and if they’re well protected over the chiller months I’m sure they’ll revive to be even better next spring. The lavender is still going strong too, and it’s lovely to see so many bees still enjoying it as much as I am- there’s nothing quite like the scent which it gives off, particularly towards the end of the day. Finally, an update on a planting project which I touched on in my last plant-based post- the Burt’s Bees wildflowers, which have now made their way into a larger metal trough and are coming on leaps and bounds. Even better, it’s a really low maintenance project so if you’re stretched for space and time, I can’t recommend something similar enough! 

Which projects are you working on for autumn? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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